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Subject: Re: UKNM: to the website designers out there
From: Jim Sterne
Date: Wed, 6 May 1998 13:31:40 +0100

>From: Sean Clark <seancatheadland [dot] co [dot] uk>

>This discussion raises a wider issue about the use of "new" HTML
>technologies at the expense of site usability or compatibility.

At a recent Web marketing conference in the States,
there was applause from the audience when one Web
site hosting company presenter recommended the use
of "Least Tech".

>I personally have been having a bit of a CGI "renaissance" recently. Much
>of what you might use Plug-ins/JavaScript/Java for can be achieved using
>good old PERL scripts and you rarely need to worry about browser
>compatibility if you take this route.


That presenter also asked to see the hands of those
who cringed when they saw the words "Starting Java"
because they knew their browser was going to crash.
EVERYBODY's hand went up.

No, you haven't configured your browser wrong.
The emperor has see-through shorts!

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jsterneattargeting [dot] com Target Marketing
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"Customer Service on the Internet" Consultant
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  No Subject, RHS Linux User

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