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>>BTW I'm not really a web designer either!
>Which begs the question: why any of us are discussing this at all?
>good use of frames = OK
>bad use of frames = no way
>no frames = preferable

Er, well I am a Web designer (at least part of me is!) and I would agree
with many of the comments already made. Frames are not all bad but they
are easily abused - especially when they are bolted onto a site as a
quick and dirty navigation system. If I'm not sure of their genuine
usefulness in a site I avoid using them.

This discussion raises a wider issue about the use of "new" HTML
technologies at the expense of site usability or compatibility. For
example, how wise is it to use "Dynamic HTML", JavaScript, Java, Flash
and so on in your sites? While these technologies can look fantastic if
you have the appropriate browser technology we all know how awful a badly
designed site can appear if any browser component is missing...

I personally have been having a bit of a CGI "renaissance" recently. Much
of what you might use Plug-ins/JavaScript/Java for can be achieved using
good old PERL scripts and you rarely need to worry about browser
compatibility if you take this route.


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  Re: UKNM: to the website designers out t, Jim Sterne

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