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Subject: RE: UKNM: to the website designers out there
From: Robert Hamilton
Date: Wed, 6 May 1998 01:36:34 +0100

On 05 May 1998 17:57, David Bentley [SMTP:david [dot] bentleyatonlinemagic [dot] com] wrote:
> >BTW I'm not really a web designer either!
> Which begs the question: why any of us are discussing this at all?

Well, as Dr Johnson said, one does not have to be a carpenter to criticise a table.

I don't think he was referring to a <TABLE></TABLE>

Like so many people, I'm perfectly able to write HTML, design pages and produce all
sorts of code, but it's not what I'm primarily here to do.

> good use of frames = OK
> bad use of frames = no way
> no frames = preferable

Plus ca change.

> As for the concept of good web design and information arcitecture, this
> should be a pre-requisite to any agency that is envolved in that arena
> (whether they choose to use frames or not). One day clients will wake up
> to shite site building (in the way they do about good printing).

Roll on that day then. However, there'll always be the odd Ferrero Rocher
out there, let's face it.

> BTW Mr. Hamilton, what is the lo-down with Index Finger?

Well, indexfinger (all one word, all lower case, as we used to say) is no more.
It closed last week.


Robert Hamilton

0973 989 208

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