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Subject: UKNM: Conferences
From: John Nugent
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 18:48:37 +0100

Hi all,

I too attended the spooky Internet World graveyard, along with a couple of
the free conference keynotes thrown in by the organisers (once again my
theory that the more senior the presenter the less they appear to know what
they're talking about held true - all rather dull).

Having spoken at, and organised, a number of Internet conferences myself
it's my opinion that the lack of focus, thought and understanding
demonstrated at most of these events all stems from the individual
conference producers.

These professional producers invariably don't have the knowledge of the
market to pull together any sort of coherent, logical agenda - hardly
surprising when most don't have the industry background and are usually
trying to juggle two or three unrelated conferences at any one time.

So, they have a brainwave for a wonderful title such as:

'Branding on the Internet - the Future of the Information Superhighway'

...pull together an agenda that has every presenter talking (waffling)
about the same thing; contact every industry expert for a few hours free
consultancy on the subject; ignore most advice you give them; get you to
talk, and possibly run a half-day workshop, for free; and then they flog
the thing to anyone who has so little knowledge of the subject area that
they might actually find the conference appealing!

Of course, not all conferences are bad - just most!

If I got enough feedback from the esteemed members of this list I'd be
happy to put together a conference or seminar - for the industry, by the
industry - that we'd all find useful and interesting.

Any takers? :-)

On a separate point, IMHO the reason why online commerce in the UK (if that
makes sense?) is not as prolific as it could be is because there are so few
sites committed to selling anything! Boots winning the Web Retailer of the
Year Award when they weren't even selling anything online is just laughable.

Three cheers for likes of Emap Online and the Internet Bookshop for leading
the way!

John Nugent
The Digital Marketing Agency

Email: johnatmarketing-agency [dot] com
Web: http://www.marketing-agency.com
Voice: 0468 893202
Post: Portland Mansions, Addison Bridge Place, London W14 8XL, UK.

'The World Wide Web is NOT a uniquely pervasive medium

like broadcast television.'

ACLU v Reno, US Supreme Court ruling, 1997

Web site marketing - 'pull not push'

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