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Subject: Re: UKNM: State of The Nation 2 - Total rant but worth reading.
From: Allie Symonds
Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 15:53:01 +0100

I've been following this argument with interest and this argument I
wholeheartedly agree with.

We have this debate in Wales frequently - WDA, Cardiff Bay Corporation and
the like bring us all together with the aim of providing a louder voice, but
it is very difficult to establish who should and shouldn't be represented
and helps everyone a little bit (debatable) without rewarding the few and
penalising those that shouldn't be on the list.

For example, we are a growing web development company - some big names under
our belt, including Hyder PLC (intranet), Compaq (multimedia CD using HTML
and Cold Fusion drivers), British Council and Arts Council for Wales. Of
course we also get involved in less well known, less well paid projects. We
need to survive, and secure our growth)

Essentially our background is technical - Cold Fusion is our tool of the
month, we don't often use Flash Shockwave etc. not if we can find
alternatives, and certainly if it doesn't add value to the site. In Wales
we have less of the wage issues - and are _very_ lucky with the staff we
have, enthusiastic, continually learning new tricks, always trying to stay a
step ahead. Myself, with a marketing background, I consider my job is
essentially to keep everyones feet on the ground - the clients need to
remember what their real objectives are (and not their wish list) and
Sequence needs to apply solutions to our clients (not test out our latest
whistles and bells).

Does the above resume make us eligible? We are still small fish really, but
we are the best in our area (arguably).

Who would decide our membership of an Association of Decent Developers (or
whatever it is to be called) If subscription rates are high to select
membership, then what does that really prove? Our costs are about the most
important element of our success really, so we don't want to have to spend
more to prove a case.

Most of our work comes from clever marketing, referrals and continued
customer returns. These alone will secure our future and, as Sean says,

> Don't you think the market should be left to sort the
>wheat from the chaff?

Simply flaunting a Certificate of membership of any organisation does
nothing except give ill-web-educated marketing decision makers a different
non-relevant criteria on which to choose a company.

This was a long suppressed rant....must be the weather.
Do I still get an invite to the next Web p**s up?

Allie Symonds
Marketing Manager
Sequence Collective Ltd
Media Centre
Bridge Street
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f: +44 (0)1222 252444
e: allieatsequence [dot] co [dot] uk
w: www.sequence.co.uk
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From: Sean Clark <seancatheadland [dot] co [dot] uk>
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Date: 19 May 1998 11:52
Subject: Re: UKNM: State of The Nation 2 - Total rant but worth reading.

>>Moves are already afoot to organise such a professional body. Watch this
>>for more details over the next week or two! In the meantime if any one has
>>particular interest in being involved in developing the initiative please
let me
>Excuse my cynicism, but my experience of self-proclaimed bodies such as
>these is that their primary goal is to forward the careers of the
>organisers ;-) Don't you think the market should be left to sort the
>wheat from the chaff? Please feel free to convince me otherwise...
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