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Subject: Re: UKNM: Cool! Let's have another webmedia debate!
From: justin bovington
Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 09:56:17 +0100

"Oh the times they are a' chan'in..."

As we talked about before my comments should not be taken out of context. We are all aware that the market is in decline or as its been recently termed a 'Shit Storm'. My point is the metamorphous of the so called 'new media market'.

Recently, I have been talking with a lot of 'new media companies' and get the distinct impression that they may have already rolled over and died. I have enclosed a list for the 'beer mat' maybe multi-choice would suffice?

1) "Down sizing is matter of economic sense..." [shit! we cannot pay this months wage bill]
2) "Diversification is the future..."
3) "What do you mean our client base is small, its quality not quantity!"
4) "Scoff! dont worry about that desk being removed from underneath you..."
5) "What we need is a positive approach and to elect a regulatory body..."
6) "Gone bust - NO!"
7) "we are like a phoenix from the flames - but stronger and more wise"
8) "we are no longer a low-end-graphic-design-HTML-type-thing we are now an ad agency"

on and on and on....

please add your own pearls of wisdom to the above list.

disclaimer - all sent in best possible taste!

>Bumped into Mr B last nite, [memo to self: stay out of john lewis bathroom
>dept in future]and talked to him about these buyouts/closures/call'em what
>you will, that have been happening of late.
>Which got me thinking - a few months ago I can remember a lot of vitriol
>after the webmedia belly-up, but do recent events bear out Mr B's comments
>at this time - basically, the market's fucked and a shistorm is a comin!
>So, are we in a shitstorm, or is this a bit of fallout?
>Answers, as usual, on the back of a beermat.
>Mike Bracken
>Deputy Editor, Internet Magazine
>(44) 171 309 2783

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