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Subject: UKNM: Arse = head
From: Mike Bracken
Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 15:46:08 +0100

For the record:

1. I meant Mr Bowbrick, although one does meet a better class of media
pundit in John Lewis
2. I do not have a regular evening job in John Lewis bathroom department.My
YTS fee at Internet Magazine keeps me and the wife in the filth we've
become accustomed to. I am tempted by a role on the cheese dept at Safeways
in Dalston though.
3. The points about London vs the rest is very pertinent at the moment. I
recently completed a piece for UKPG about the commercial aspect of Web
publishing in the UK which involved, horror of horros, talking to people
outside of London. (Is Stafford up North?) This actually opened my eyes a
little to the difference between operating within London and in the rest of
the UK.

So I'd be interested in posting up a little questionaire:

A. Do many non-London agencies have many London based clients
B. Do manyLondon agencies have many clients outside London
C. DO many agencies outside London feel that they get the press coverage
they deserve?
D. Have we, in London, all got our head up our arses.

And I use the phrase 'agency' very loosely. I've seen where a lot of you
work remember ;-)

And BTW, is there anyone from Infocom here?

Answers, as ever, on the back of a charlie coated 50 pound note

Mike Bracken
Deputy Editor, Internet Magazine
(44) 171 309 2783

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