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Subject: Re: UKNM: Arse = head
From: jbeverleyatupstart [dot] co [dot] uk
Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 17:27:25 +0100

I can offer Mike a unique insight here. Not only have I worked for
provincial outfits and London ones, my own company was based in Leeds
then moved to London, then went under! I work fast...

> A. Do many non-London agencies have many London based clients
Upstart did. About 80% of the client list was London-based. Otherwise,
my experience is 'not really'. At least I don't see many London-based
clients rushing out of the smog in an attempt to find non-Londoner
outfits. The exceptions are within commuting distance (forgive me,
Robin, but I suspect places like Brann Interactive and Mousepower fit
into this group).

> B. Do many London agencies have many clients outside London
On moving down here, Upstart promptly signed several major clients from
Leeds and Manchester. They wanted the view from 'inside London',
assuming this would put them ahead of the game somehow.

> C. DO many agencies outside London feel that they get the press coverage
> they deserve?
Again, mixed experiences. I think 'yes' largely, though it depends on
the pro-activity of their PR function. What you lack in national trade
rags, you make up for in local media, often bringing in much better
coverage (no offence to any regional press barons in the group, but they
understand less, so will repeat parrot-fashion more) and better leads.

> D. Have we, in London, all got our head up our arses.
Absolutely! As a Lancastrian/adopted Yorkshireman who has to battle his
way through Soho every day, I've found that style over substance,
in-fighting and intrigue to be both bizarre and dangerously seductive.
Or something. Oh, and your beer's crap.

Jon Beverley

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