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Subject: Re: UKNM: Arse = head
From: Sean Clark
Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 14:54:27 +0100

Ah, this is getting interesting! I've wanted to talk about London vs. out
of London for a while...

When I first started in this business in 1994 with my own (very) small
company "DRCI" (not many clients, the most notable was The Shamen) I had
a number of offers to move down to London and work for more "happening"
agencies. After thinking long and hard about it I decided to stay where I
was and instead "merge" with a Nottingham company to form Headland
Multimedia. In retrospect this was one of the best moves of my career.

Whilst the London new media scene may be more "exciting" and at times
awash with serious amounts of cash, it's generally more prone to the boom
or bust mentality. When you're out of town you can often take a clearer
and more long-term view. Forget the doom and gloom, from our perspective
(hopefully I speak for most non-Londoners) the market is still expanding,
profit margins are reasonable, operating costs are controllable and
clients are getting even more receptive to new ideas. In short, the
industry is maturing nicely.

Do you Londoners have this sense of optimism? I know some do (I met a few
last night), but it seems that recent scares have thrown many other
people into "bust" mode. As for whether you city folk have your heads up
your arses, I'd have to decline to comment, suffice to say I heard a
couple of "muffled" voices at the NMA awards (only joking, I had a great
time and met some great people, well done to the organisers!).

What about non-London agencies and London clients? Well, we have a number
of TV clients based in London (including British Independent Television
Enterprises and Carlton), will shortly be launching the 3i site and have
plucked a couple of other jobs from under the noses of London agencies.
In fact, in one case the client told us that being out of town helped
swing the account. He was fed up paying London prices! So, no, being out
of London doesn't necessarily exclude you from these jobs.

Is this all anti-London bull? I don't think so, but I look forward to
your comments. No jokes about being a Northerner though, I was born and
bred on the South Coast...


sean clark | seancatheadland [dot] co [dot] uk | tel 0115 9551155
headland multimedia | www.headland.co.uk | fax 0115 9551156
cuttlefish | www.cuttlefish.com | mob 0468 456338


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