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Subject: UKNM: New Media Cup
From: Jeraint Hazan
Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 12:10:38 +0100

Dear all,

The New Media Cup details are now finalised. It will be held on Friday June
5th from 8-10 p.m. at the football pitches on Market Road, Islington N7,
which is next to Islington Tennis Centre and 5 mins from Caledonian Road

Entrants are:

On-line Publishing Contact: jeraintatolp [dot] co [dot] uk
New Media Age Contact: mikebatcentaur [dot] co [dot] uk
BMP interAction Contact: sion [dot] portmanatbmpinteraction [dot] com
CHBI Contact: markatchbi [dot] co [dot] uk
PA New Media Contact: andrew_hallatpa [dot] press [dot] net
Guardian New Media Contact: mickatnml [dot] guardian [dot] co [dot] uk
KBW Consulting Contact: anilatkbw [dot] co [dot] uk
Poppe Tyson Contact: probinsateurope [dot] poppe [dot] com
Oyster Systems Contact: mikeatoyster [dot] co [dot] uk
Biomednet Contact: dominicatbiomednet [dot] com
Bibliotech (Postmaster) Contact: manouatpostmaster [dot] co [dot] uk
Indexfinger Contact: robertatindexfinger [dot] com
ITN On-line Contact: owen [dot] pringleatitn [dot] co [dot] uk
Conde Nast on-line Contact: judeatcondenast [dot] co [dot] uk
McSpotlight crew Contact: frannyatspanner [dot] org
Real Time Studios Contact: mark [dot] stevensatr-t-s [dot] co [dot] uk

On-line Magic

The big question now is whether KBW & Oyster should be allowed to enter 2

>KBW has signed an agreement of intent to merge with Oyster Systems

>Anil Pillai

..........and whether CHBI will be called Razorfish CHBI and whether they
would prefer to play baseball or US Football instead!

Apologies to those who wanted to enter but we have already changed the
format from 10 teams to 16 to meet demand and have to draw the line
somewhere. All are welcome to come along and support!

Yours - Jeraint


Jeraint Hazan, Managing Director
O N - L I N E PU B L I S H I N G L T D

t: 0171 700 7611
f: 0171 607 2166

jeraintatolp [dot] co [dot] uk (mailto:jeraintatolp [dot] co [dot] uk)
We are moving on May 30th to:

2-6 Kendall Place
London W1H 3AH
t: 0171 935 3800
f: 0171 935 2252

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