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Subject: UKNM: A couple of questions from Italy
From: carlo andrea pattacini
Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 16:15:12 +0100

It is a long while I am reading and (seldomly)
partecipating to the list, but now I would like to
ask few questions:

1 100% of the messages are about web sites: it seems
like nobody in uk is (still) working with cd-rom, is
this true?

2 if this is true, where does it comes from?
is it a choiche based on effectiveness of a medium
versus the other one? is a kind of "industry standard"?
or else?

3 most of the members of the list seem to be working
or running independent business, I mean only few of
them seems to be working in the "new media
department" of an ad agency or in as in-house web
designer/developer of a big firm: do you think this
is just a step of the new media market evolving
towards ad agencies and firms stronger involvment in
design/development, or is this already a consolidated

That's all by now.
In order to let you understand the aim of my
questions, you must know that I am workuing in an
italian new media production house, mainly on cd-roms
and taking very seriously the idea of spending some
time working in uk.

ciao, andrea

Carlo Andrea Pattacini
and65atrocketmail [dot] com

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