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Subject: UKNM: Awards and all that
From: robin
Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 11:17:56 +0100

Typical - on the day we celebrate winning Internet Magazine's "cool site of the day" for the J&B Rare Scotch Whisky site (and the equally heavyweight 2nd place spot in Yell's top 10 sites of the day - or something) Richard 'party pooper' Longhurst comes along and devalues the whole concept of Internet accolades :-(

But seriously, there's nothing wrong with a bit of annual reward courtesy of the industry - I seem to recall other Future rags boasting their own industry recognition from time to time (has .net ever stooped so low Richard?).

Awards from established magazines and industry bodies serve to show that your site was better than any other site entered into that category in the eyes of the judges. Thus when presenting to potential clients you can say "we won a BAFTA for this work" and they will then probably ask the next agency "so - have you won any significant awards for your work?" which, if they haven't, will stand you in a good light in the eyes of the potential client.

They aren't the Oscars. But neither are the likes of the Indin's (sp?) which are arguably even less valuable when it comes to winning new business (i.e. readers). And even if they were the Oscars, they would attract an equal amount of skepticism along the lines of "the Academy has no idea about what makes a good web site".

So don your penguin suit and stop whining - just make sure you get the drinks in.


  Re: UKNM: Awards and all that, Craig Pickup

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