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Subject: Re: UKNM: Awards and all that
From: Craig Pickup
Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 10:20:32 +0100

robinatclockworx [dot] co [dot] uk wrote:

> Typical - on the day we celebrate winning Internet Magazine's "cool site of the day" for the J&B Rare Scotch Whisky site (and the equally heavyweight 2nd place spot in Yell's top 10 sites of the day - or something) Richard 'party pooper' Longhurst comes along and devalues the whole concept of Internet accolades :-(

A site that I mananged duirng its closing stage is now all but frozen and while it will remain live will not change in any material way as its purpose finished at the end of February. However during April this now "closed" site also won a place in Yell's top 10 list which illustrates what little attention they actually give to making the awards. In reality the awarding of such accolades is little more than a marketing excersie for Yell.

Craig Pickup

  UKNM: Awards and all that, robin

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