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Subject: Re: UKNM: AOL Going Free
From: Paul Douglas
Date: Tue, 11 May 1999 12:51:53 +0100

>At 9:26 am +0000 10/5/99, Paul Douglas wrote:
>>>>But for the "right here, right now" see Screaming Net/Tempo with free
>>>>evening and weekend calls as long as you switch to LocalTel
>>>>(http://www.screaming.net/). Has anyone tried this service yet? Any views
>>>>would be appreciated.
>>>the branding is terrible.
>>Ahh, ok. I'll forget it then.
>you might not, but the "mainstream" net audience is going to be more than
>wary of choosing somethin with a name like that. What does screaming.net

Screaming along? Or screaming with frustration? Fair point.

>screaming doesn't really have very many positive connotations. with fear
>about unsuitable material the number one worry of new internet users (and
>the disconnected), screaming.net is hardly a good choice for a service
>launching in 1999.

Perhaps it's not the best name, and as you point out, it could be a worry
for new users. Still, there are 10 million people online in this country,
many of who already, no doubt, are more interested in speed/cost than a
funky name.

>tempo/localtel have shot themselves in the foot with this choice of name;
>poorly conceived without the audience in mind.

Unlike LineOne, which had an awful lot of time and money spent on its
branding and didn't exactly benefit from it. If only marketing was more
like chemistry ;)


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