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Subject: Re: UKNM: who's updating what and how ??
From: Nabil Shabka
Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 18:10:52 +0100

Exactly, this is the digital age, information should only have to be entered
once and in web format has many advantages. From that point, the process can be
automated so that the information will appear in different forms. Piece of


"Julie Pearce, Mediasurface" wrote:

> I think you've got an interesting point here Greg. To give over full
> publishing rights to "any old Joe" within an organisation would obviously be
> a stupid thing to do. And this is where content management becomes a bigger
> issue than Word integration, web-based forms and publishing wizards.
> This is why access rights and sign-off processes are so important - so that
> content contributed to the site is subject to review and sign-off from the
> more savvy, and that it doesn't just become one huge free for all.
> I think that there is a real business case for moving away from a
> traditional print/publishing model where you go through very linear
> processes to, as you say, duplicate off-line content.
> Here's a thought... working on the basis that, in general, business users
> are getting a little bit more web-wise (OK - no shouting please - I didn't
> say Mastermind candidates!) and that we're also considering Intranets and
> Extranets in this discussion, why should the Web be a place that offline
> information is duplicated to? Why can't we think in terms of information
> originating at web level for use in other mediums thereafter ?
> Jules
> Greg wrote:-
> > The main point for me is that putting the responsibility for getting
> content online in the hands of people who are producing the traditional
> content will not always create the best Web content. I think that content
> placed online should be created specifically for the Web and fear that
> handing content management to people who are only used to using Word will
> not lead to the best online content. I agree that this does not always apply
> (in instances where you *really are* just looking for duplication of
> off-line content), but why not make the most of what the Web has to offer
> users?
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  RE: UKNM: who's updating what and how ??, Julie Pearce, Mediasurfac

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