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Subject: Re: UKNM: More webwashing
From: Phil Gyford
Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 14:11:51 +0100

Oh Ray, Ray, Ray. This is going to go round and round forever isn't it, but
I'm in the mood for knocking my head against a brick wall this morning.

No one's denying that without advertising all these amusing situations you
detail will occurr. But frankly the person in the street who doesn't work
in advertising/marketing (and I include myself as a person in the street
here) doesn't give a shit about any of this. If they want to avoid ads and
it's possible, then they will, without thinking about the effects you or
anyone feel it will have.

If I'm reading a magazine I'll see the ads, but will usually flick over
them without giving them an in depth look. Some are attractive, some are
informative, and some are even both. No one's bottom line is affected by
whether I read an ad or not, although those who make better adverts will
see a benefit when I go and buy their stuff having spent longer looking at
their ads.

However, if I'm watching ITV/C4 then I'll switch over as soon as an ad
break comes on because the amount of ads that are crap or that I've seen
too often outweigh the good/new ones. It's possible to avoid the ads and so
I will. So will lots of other people if they feel so inclined, but by and
large I assume people don't, because it's easier not to.

It's the same with banner ads. Most people aren't going to do anything
about avoiding banner ads, because it's easier not to and however much I or
anyone else dislikes them, they're not a huge disruption to web browsing.
But some people will do the equivalent of switching over when the ads come
on (ie install something that doesn't display the banner ads) because
they're annoying and rarely entertaining or interesting. Unfortunately the
banner ad model relies much more on people interacting with them than ads
on TV, which is part of the problem. And not something I or the rest of the
people in the street give a shit about. If you or anyone else loses some
pennies because a handful of people can be arsed to avoid ads then frankly
few people in the real world will care.

Ray, if you and all your friends get ads made which are attractive and
informative then fewer people will avoid them, your cpm will go up by maybe
a few tenths of a percent and you'll be happier. Otherwise, don't complain
if a handful of people find these ugly, poorly executed, annoyingly
blinking graphics get in the way of doing whatever they've come to the Web


At 17:57 17/05/1999 +0100, you wrote:
>Yeah, let's ban all advertising on web sites. But why stop there?
>Advertising reduces TV viewing time by around 20%, takes up valuable space
>in a magazine, hides interesting building sites along roadways, and
>transforms an otherwise pleasant twice daily social experience for London
>commuters into a mind-numbing exercise in avoiding everyone's gaze in order
>to read the tube ads.
>Let's get back to wall-to-wall black and white TV, black and white
>magazines, and concentrating on the traffic jam, not the billboard. We don't
>need advertising to support media, we just need a state news agency and more
>BBC sitcoms (single camera, mono, sound and laughter optional).
>And as for newspapers, if everybody had to pay �10.00 a day for their daily
>read we would have less of those bloody awful recycling points popping up
>all over the place.
>Ray Taylor
>NMC/Adplan - the online advertising agency
>2,000,000,000 greenbacks can't be wrong

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  Re: UKNM: More webwashing, Ray Taylor

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