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Subject: RE: UKNM: UK is leader in e-commerce
From: Greg Baker
Date: Wed, 19 May 1999 10:42:03 +0100

I have to agree with some of your sceptism Sam, I can see why certainly
BA (having used it on a repeated basis) is rated in the world's top
sites, but as the 5th best user of e-commerce? It would be intersting to
see what parameters the list was based on, certainly I would bhave
expected to see Dell in the top ten (based on the quantity of funds that
they are generating from their e-commerce push. The list (and expecially
the headline) also conflicts nicely with the recent AC report into
European e-commerce that I'm munching my way through currently that
seems to find Europe still way behind the US on the level of general
acceptance and in it's resistance to the new transaction medium.

Greg Baker
Creative Director
Deep Need Technology

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Subject: UKNM: UK is leader in e-commerce

...or at least that's what the headline in yesterday's London Metro
read. I tried to find a link online for this story, but there doesn't
to be a news archive at the website. I thought the headline was
but then I read on...

"British Telecom and Tesco are helping the UK lead the way in global
Internet shopping, according to a survey published yesterday. The London
School of Economics study found that the retail and communication giants
were amongst the multinationals with the best ecommerce services on the

The '1999' Worldwide Web 100' survey saw German airline Lufthansa claim

Tesco was second followed by BT while British Airways ranked fifth
The survey found European companies, which had been considered slow to
develop e-commerce, were catching up with their US rivals, with six out
the top ten rankings claimed by European firms."

Other European firms with honourable mentions: Deutsche Telekom,
Deutsche Bank.

They also claimed, "the e-commerce market has grown from practical
non-existence in 1997 to a �100bn industry today".

OK, after I'd read it a second time, I began to wonder if this
could actually be true. From my own personal experience, I couldn't
believe the companies quoted were really that far ahead of the game,
particularly of the huge US presence in ecommerce. If you're talking
multinationals, surely the likes of Amazon.com, BOL, CDNow, et al. are
leading the way in ecommerce? Maybe I'm missing something (the scope of
report), but it seemed quite misleading.

Do other list members share the reports conclusions? Is the UK/Europe
really gaining groung on the established US players in e-commerce?

Toodle Pip

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