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Subject: UKNM: dropoff
From: Peterson, Jonathan
Date: Fri, 26 May 2000 16:57:00 +0100

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> -- >>
> While we are playing 'net trivia'
> Get a group to shout out the answers to some simple sums like
> 4+2 where the
> answers are all 6. After 4 questions ask them to name a
> vegetable - for some
> reason 'carrot' is the most popular answer.

Addition is associated with the colour red. Likewise subtraction is
associated with green. No idea why, although the association appears
stronger in childhood.

Getting back on topic, I've not found that the 'deliver to card holder's
address' is not very widely upheld in this country anyway. Trying to buy an
iMac for my mum a while back I think one out of 5 places (yes, it's quite
hard to find one in stock...) had that restriction.

So, I think the corner shop drop off idea is a very good one - although I'm
not sure how much storage space yer average cornershop _has_...

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