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Subject: UKNM: New distribution models
From: Stewart Dean
Date: Sun, 28 May 2000 16:36:04 +0100

Regarding the BBC article.

Nothing that new. The drop off concept is already taking off via the Kosmos
and Urban Fetches of the US (for those who didn't know Urban Fetch is
gearing up for it's UK launch). Deals with the likes of Starbucks I see as
being more common. The concept of local shops acting like 'argos
aggregators' is also a good one but..

If delivery is within an hour, regardless of product (save custom made items
etc) you know when they're going to be there. I think the fact people have
to take a day off to buy a washing machine is very very dumb - time for a
new business model?


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> An interesting story from BBC News online
> Although more and more people are shopping online, few of them are in
> during the day to take delivery of the goods they have
> ordered. However,
> soon you will be able to pick up the goods you ordered over
> the Internet
> when you pop into the corner shop or fill up the car with petrol.
> Dropzone1, the new British company, is signing up petrol stations and
> corner shops across the country that will take delivery on
> behalf of online
> shoppers.
> How will they get around the need to send items to the credit
> cardholders
> address??
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