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Subject: RE: UKNM: Search Engines and Shopping Malls ?
From: Chris Meachin
Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 18:00:28 +0100

> Instead, they look for revenue from big companies who
> will pay for high listings.

Again - another huge misconception. Please show me which search engines sell
results listings (and I don't mean keyword related buttons/banner adverts or
Realnames links I mean actual search results listings). Very few successful
ones do.

Search engine companies aren't stupid. Most will vigorously defend the
perceived neutrality of their search mechanisms (even if their indices can
be successfully spammed <grin> ).

If a user is directed towards a site whose content differs greatly from what
they were searching for, then they won't be impressed, the site in question
won't get a sale/conversion and the search engine will go down in the users
estimation accordingly. If this occurs repeatedly, they will conduct their
searches elsewhere, so the search engine company is also unhappy. Everybody

It is in the interest of a search engine (and therefore their
advertisers/affiliates) to give people what they are looking for, not what a
marketing exec wants them to have.

Sites appearing in default browser bookmarks is -again- a different issue.
Nobody is under any pretence as to why they are there: They paid for it.
Like any other form of advertising.

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