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Subject: UKNM: Re: Search Engines and Shopping Malls ?
From: Tim Ireland
Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 18:01:26 +0100

First of all Antony, I would refer you to my past message entitled "UKNM:
Bargain of the Day!". It outlines a closely related matter and I'm sure you
will agree that this unnamed company has got a hold on the wrong end of the
stick by offering companies 'with the bucks' the chance to enhance their

Now on with the rebuttals:

> Do you think that it is fair to the consumer that companies can get within
> the 1st 5 listings of a search engine via payments and technical trickery

Even if they do - the punters won't stay long unless they have something
real to offer. Trickery can only go so far. Technique, on the other hand...

> Are we really giving the consumer a choice ?

Yes, but only the informed consumers. Those more comfortable with the web
eventually discover ways around this 'more of the same' - plus there are new
search tools being developed to make results 'more real' (yes, ODP and
Google both get a plug here).

> Are we being governed on the net by companies that have financial clout ?

Only if the 'pay for it' model I described above succeeds with the punters -
and it won't IMO.

> What is going to happen to the small to meduim size web company ?

They can learn all about this so-called 'trickery' for less than �7 in just
a few days. You don't have to be richer in this business - just smarter.

Tim Ireland

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