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Subject: Re: UKNM: Re: Charity e-fundraising
From: Mark Walker
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 17:17:28 +0000 (GMT)

Dear Charles/all

Is the following information of any use?

At Sussex Community Internet Project (http://www.scip.org.uk) we work on
the principle that the best thing is to give people the chance to join our
own lists. Those lists are part of the service we offer people, as well as
a possible route to their pockets for our fundraising activities.

We use a form on the web site to capture their address (we don't feel we
need to know much more about them as a first step in our 'relationship')
and tell them how frequently they may expect to be contacted by us. We then
use this list to post messages, prompt discussion and ask for

On another site we run for UK Communities Online
(http://www.commuinties.org.uk) we have split out discussion lists (open,
frequent messages) from an announcement list (one way, no more than

Over the past three years the SCIP mailing list has been highly successful
in accessing resources for SCIP and others, although having a membership
averaging no more than 200. The content is highly localised, and most
members appear to come from Sussex.

The list also functions as a source of help for other groups. We discourage
blatant advertising of commercial services (because so many people
complained the first time someone dropped a message in) but will accept
notices of events and training which we consider of value to list members.

To build list membership further would require a slightly more concerted
marketing effort than we can currently commit to, and the web site needs a
good going over before we really start pushing it (which we hope to do in
the New Year - does anyone want to give us free online design
consultancy/crit for xmas?)

Tying in with other discussion, we've never thought of sponsorship for the
list but we are given the majordomo list server functions free of charge by
another charity, which we're told are worth about 100 quid a year at their
rates. We have also started experimenting with using free mailing lists on
other charities' sites.

This is a very modest undertaking, and we are a very small community
organisation with almost no money, but I suspect that the same would apply

to FOE and others in terms of generating lists which you own and which
people join voluntarily.

Maybe the question of scale would undermine this approach for you but
surely you're better talking to people who have said they want to hear from
you? What returns do you expect on standard postal junk mailings (sorry
targeted campaigns)

Any comments?

Mark Walker
Project Manager

Sussex Community Internet Project
Exploring the ways that local people can use information and
communications technology to create better communities
SCIP, Community Base, 113 - 117 Queens Road
Brighton BN1 3XG
Tel 01273 234049
0956 627116 (mobile)
Fax 01273 234731


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  Re: UKNM: Re: Charity e-fundraising, Nick Sellors

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