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Subject: Re: UKNM: Disaster in Central America
From: neville clarke
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 13:53:43 +0000 (GMT)

I second RT's suggestion. We have been running a story on Hurricane Mitch
and wanted to give a URL for those in the UK who wanted to make a donation.
In the United States, the American Red Cross have a site and a secure link
for sending contributions: <http://www.redcross.org/donate/debit1.html>
We spent considerable time trying to find a UK equivalent without success.
It appears that not one of the dozen or so charities associated with the UK
Disasters Emergency Committee appeal has such a thing.
Neville Clarke

A propos, the following appeared today (Friday) on Wired News web site:
"Positive Chain Reaction
by Ronald Warren Deutsch
3:00 a.m. 13.Nov.98.PST
You're deluged every day by chain emails promising good fortune if you
forward a message to 20 friends. And the stream of Monica Lewinsky jokes
seems endless. So, you might miss one urging you to open your wallet and
help the American Red Cross campaign for disaster relief from Hurricane
"We all love the Internet. Now let's show its true power by creating the
largest network of giving in history," the email proposes. The message asks
the receiver to send a US$5 donation to the Red Cross and forward the mail
to five other people. Says American Red Cross spokeswoman Ann Andrews,
"It's great, but we didn't send it out."
"The devastation of Hurricane Mitch floored me," says Erik Hannah, a
28-year-old advertising executive in New York. "I spent a great deal of
time in Central America and Mexico. Towns which I slept in had been washed
away overnight. Friends were missing."
Hannah started a food and clothing drive at the office but decided he had
to do more. He hit upon the idea of an email plea.
Posted to various newsgroups, the message encourages donations and asks
recipients to forward the email to friends hoping to create, in Hannah's
words, "an instant worldwide relief campaign."
Donations to the Red Cross in the last week, from online and traditional
channels, "have been unprecedented," says Andrews. "The response has even
surpassed that of Oklahoma City." It's not clear how Hannah's email has

bolstered those contributions.
Still, Hannah says, within 48 hours of posting the message, he received
replies from as far away as Russia.
"Most told how they had made a generous donation to their local Red Cross
office," he says. "It proved to me the good which can result when the power
of the people meets the power of the Internet." ENDQUOTE

At 09:35 13/11/98 -0000, RT wrote:
>Big long ad on TV last night (Thurs) for the combined aid agency disaster
>relief fund. Gave out credit card hotline numbers for donations but no URL.
>I know various members of this list have charitable clients. Couldn't
>someone suggest setting up a quick donation site with banner/button ad for
>other sites to use to help drive traffic? Or has it already been done and
>they didn't think it worth quoting the URL on TV?
>Disaster fund donations hotline: 0990 222233

Neville Clarke
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  UKNM: Disaster in Central America, Ray Taylor

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