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Subject: RE: UKNM: something I'm working on
From: Paul Durrant
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 1998 23:23:50 +0000 (GMT)

>>manda Christie wrote
>I am interested to hear views from you all about a 'possible' piece of
>software.....it would be an aerial view of London that could zoom in
>at street level. FIRST EVER, but I wonder if it REALLY could be of
>any value?

>>Mark Dolley wrote>>

Nice idea but it is just depressingly slow,( unless I hit it at a bad time!)

>>Carl Christensen wrote > .... they showcase a good usage of such an application
>>where you can "zoom" to street level of Central Park and midtown Manhattan fro
>>satellite imagery....http://www.livepicture.com/zr/solutions/defense/index.html

Yes it works very quickly but its pretty useless when you've zoomed into
a fuzzy image of about 100 sq. m. With that kind of resolution, most
people couldn't decipher what the fuzzy mass is never mind using it to
find their way around e.g. London . (Old problem of air photos vs.
Maps, that's why Governments spend billions on thier Ordnance Surveys
converting air photos - which are far higher resolution to satellite
ones - into maps!)

For something really useful look at WWW.KRAK.DE (Type in an address or
company name anywhere in Denmark and it pinpoints it on a map where you
can zoom right in) or WWW.SPEEDMAP.DE (take referenzen link) both
refresh really quickly and the latter cross references from yellow pages
like information.

Paul Durrant
Tarnlough Ltd.
Interactive Business Communications
pdurrantatindigo [dot] ie

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