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Subject: Re: UKNM: tasty, tasty
From: Mark Ramskill - T2K North
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 1998 15:37:05 GMT

> It is simple and creative - i don't think these concepts needs to be
> explained.... Perhaps you are looking for links with the usual marketing
> gumph about 'turn-key solutions', 'internet strategy', 'one-stop-shop',
> 'Europe's leading....' yadda, yadda, yadda.....
> this is who we are, this is how to find us and the work we do speaks for
> itself... Who needs more? It reminds me of the original AKQA site, except
> it is better.
> David

(incidentally it took 15 seconds to trawl through that on a
T3! ...wouldnt bother again, if i had forgotton the address of the
main page, and i hadn't the sense to guess at MAIN.HTML)

So...now i know the name of the company.....good start

I also know their phone number...excellent....shame i have 10
appointments today and no time for a polite chat about what the
company can offer me (ie 15 mins of sales shpiel)

I also know they are linked to Channel 4.....how?...
have they designed the site?....are they just involved in one specifc
area of it....maybe they designed the graphics.....


No client list...nothing about who Bomb consist of, or what knowledge
base they have...no email (MOST IMPORTANTLY)

there goes a large proportion of potential clients, simply because
none of the primary questions have been answered...instead busy
people are expected to pick up the phone on the basis of 1 web

simple...i agree....minimalist...certainly....

wouldn't agree that the work they do speaks for itself.....as nothing
is said about the work....a link does not suffice....maybe if i did
spend a few minutes on the channel4 site, i might see that bomb have
played a major role, or maybe i would have to go into the code...

Sorry...just doesn't do the trick....


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