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Subject: UKNM: Register Domain Names for FREE - was New subject - Can you advise?
From: Carl Christensen
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 1998 16:03:59 +0100

Of course, you could register domain names for free, and you have been able
to for a few months now at www.register.com

register.com do not charge *any* registration fee - the only charge will
come from the domain name registry services - e.g. Internic or Nominet

I am all for market forces driving prices down, but registering names for
free? How are they going to make money? It seems their game plan is to
charge for web hosting and mail forwarding. They must be onto something as
they handled some 20,000 domain registrations in July

Carl Christensen
Marketing Director
Domino Systems


  Re: UKNM: Register Domain Names for FREE, Justine Jones

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