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Subject: RE: UKNM: Wimps?
From: Sajid Mohammed
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1998 12:27:56 GMT

---Elizabeth Van Couvering <evcatexcitecorp [dot] com> wrote:
> Where are
> the people supporting Psion as an global handheld...

I had written off Psion as a spent force (especially as I thought
their product was rotten, especially when wielded by a Cambridge
graduate) until they teamed up with people like Nokia, Ericsson &
Phillips to form Symbian who are using Psion's EPOC as an OS for
handhelds. As any fule kno, the EPOC OS that runs on the wretched
Psion is much better than Windows CE - but then, so is a poke in they
eye with a sharp stick. The manufacturers of the new class of wireless
mobile devices that are emerging do not want to be in thrall to Bill

So, EPOC has a future in being a competitor to Palm & CE. So it's not
all doom and gloom for the UK. Now if they put EPOC into the Dyson
vacuum cleaner they would be onto a world-beater...

> Why are banks here so stupid?

The same reasons why people have unashamedly stood up for Pinochet in
public. It's called indifference and it is probably why all these
apolitical Carharrt-wearing dudes I see all over London are going to
grow up to become unthinking unfeeling bank managers.

Sajid Mohammed
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