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Subject: Re: UKNM: Wimps?
From: Mark Dolley
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1998 12:28:00 GMT

Sajid Mohammed,g23atrocketmail [dot] com wrote on 10/26/98 4:55 AM:

>There are funds in this country like Kennet Capital and Amadeus who
>would fund ventures - I have no reason to denigrate the work they do,
>but I think that the other problem is that we just don't have the
>critical mass of funders and fundees(?) that they have in the Valley,
>which makes for a fertile business culture.
>That's my two-pence worth, what do other people think?

The funders and fundees are missing because the funds are also missing.
More needs to be done to encourage UK institutional investors to seeks
the higher returns that venture capital can deliver. Since the last
budget, with Venture Capital Trusts being introduced to make VC investing
more tax-attractive in the UK, things ought to improve slightly. And the
government seems to be waking up to this: Mandelson was here in San
Francisco a couple of weeks ago asking just how a Silicon Valley-like
support structure could be developed in the UK. Several of us expats gave
him a right earful about having to move here to find the money.

All those wishing to complain about how they are hindered by a lack of VC
money in the UK should have a moan at Stephen Haddrill of the DTI's
Competitiveness Unit:

ph: 0171 215 5718
fx: 0171 215 2817

Why am I surprised he doesn't have an e-mail address on his card?

Mark Dolley z a p w o r k s !
vox:(+1) 415 543 8600

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