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Subject: Re: UKNM: Wimps?
From: Jamie Unwin
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1998 12:28:02 GMT

Seattle Coffee Company has been bought by Starbucks,
and the last I heard they were going to transform the exsisting Seattle Coffe shops into Starbucks....

It amazed me that it took so long for Starbucks style Coffee Shops to open up in the UK.

I suppose it was also that feeling (maybe stupidly), that "I can't be the only person to have though of this ? Can I ?" and therefore the idea must have been floored.....

However 5 years later we have Costa, Seattle and a whole host of smaller outlets and I'm kicking myself !!!!

Does anyone know who started Seattle, was it ex Starbuck employee's ??


>Not from inside the UK. And not in the proper sense of "start-up". Just as
>the Seattle Coffee Company was more or less set up because Starbucks
>hadn't reached the UK, and built up to sell out, so Bookpages was waiting
>for Amazon to come along with the money, after a couple of years of being
>given the finger by banks. Nice one.
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