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Subject: RE: UKNM: Wimps?
From: Jamie Unwin
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1998 12:50:56 GMT

>The reason that most "web innovations" originated in the states is because they had a head start on the medium and got in early....

I also think a large factor for the success of the early web projects ie. Yahoo, is they got VC at the right time ?

What I mean by this is are VC investors now much more suspicious of the Net now than say 3 years ago ? I think there was a time (2-4 years ago) when the web was golden and all money invested in it would pay back many times over, if the investor waited long enough ?

Have the investors wised up to this and now pick more carefully the projects they invest in, maybe not taking the chances they did in the early days, the same chances that made some of the early ideas into todays reality ?

Put simply, if I won the lottery tomorrow the last thing I would invest my winnings in is a web company, sad but true...


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  Re: UKNM: Wimps?, Trevor May

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