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Subject: UKNM: A quick language question.. thanks
From: Neelesh Sonawane
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1998 15:23:47 GMT

For those who helped with the English / International English:

>From: "Mark E. Bonn, Sr." <mbonnatsat [dot] net>
>To: "Neelesh Sonawane" <neeleshatblue-d [dot] demon [dot] co [dot] uk>
>Subject: RE: Site Critique
>Date: Mon, 26 Oct 1998 19:15:02 -0600
>Hi Nee,
>THANKS SO MUCH! This is the ammo and the info I needed. I think I will go
>with the idea of an animated button showing the British flag first and then
>the American with the addition of International to the English end.
>If you do not mind, please post the following, when and if appropriate:
>My name is Mark Bonn, Sr. and I wish to thank one and all for the response
>to Neelesh Sonawane's request for info on the language vs. flag dilemna. To
>digress a bit, this is one of the best arguments for the Internet I have
>seen yet, whereby a question can be posted to a friend from one list and
>then that friend or post will show up where the information is most needed
>or can be gathered to its correct conclusion.
>By the by, we THINK we speak English in the States, but I for one am
>doubtful :)

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london. NW4 1DL
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