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Subject: Re: UKNM: Wimps?
From: Nick Sweeney
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 19:44:26 GMT

> > >While people on this list are winging on
> > >about the "impact" of such-and-such a piece of javascript, our counterparts
> > >in the US are drawing up plans that result in soon-to-be ubiquitous
> > >properties such as Amazon, Expedia, Excite, Yahoo, SixDegrees, AOL,
> > >AltaVista, Planetall etc etc etc.
> Reading this, I find myself, unbelievably sympathising with bankers and
> venture capitalists.

You have a point, though I disagree with your reasons. Point is, the US
market has all the criteria that make investment in tech startups

* a telco/cable network that makes online access cheap
* a sales tax system and distribution network that makes ecommerce attractive
* several large, established market players prepared to acquire promising ventures
* the NASDAQ, and an IPO/trading system that makes it easy to make money from hype.

The conservatism of traditional UK banks extends well beyond tech
ventures: I can think of the way that Coutts treated Virgin in the 80s,
bouncing Branson's cheques as if he were a student going over his
overdraft limit.

> What exactly are the criteria for 'Ubiquity'???. Some reasonable
> majority of the 4 million people who have the equipment to log on going
> to your portal to ignore some banners?

We're talking UK here? As the medium du jour, there's been enough
publicity for Amazon and Yahoo. I agree that it's nothing compared to the
visibilty (and corresponding budget) of traditional brands, but then
again, those brands haven't made the transition to ecommerce in the areas
where there's a net pioneer in competition. Anyone bought from hmv.co.uk?


  Re: UKNM: Wimps?, Tim Hayward

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