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Subject: Re: UKNM: Wimps?
From: Tim Hayward
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 18:28:14 GMT

> >While people on this list are winging on
> >about the "impact" of such-and-such a piece of javascript, our counterparts
> >in the US are drawing up plans that result in soon-to-be ubiquitous
> >properties such as Amazon, Expedia, Excite, Yahoo, SixDegrees, AOL,
> >AltaVista, Planetall etc etc etc.

Reading this, I find myself, unbelievably sympathising with bankers and
venture capitalists.

What exactly are the criteria for 'Ubiquity'???. Some reasonable
majority of the 4 million people who have the equipment to log on going
to your portal to ignore some banners?

I could hit more eyeballs by opening my office window and weeing onto
Oxford St

Like a lot of us I spend half my life telling people in Ad agencies that
media are converging, fragmenting, niching, exploding and any number of
other buzzwords. The subtext is that big players in dinosaur media will
have their lunch eaten by smaller, lighter, more flexible units...

but, by MORE of them...

Lots more of them.

Two million ants can eat a gazelle much more efficiently than a lion. If
I had a budget for getting gazelles eaten then I'd be happy to give it
to ants. But, to mix the buggery out of my metaphors, none of the ants
should be expecting to be able to afford a Ferrari, a Soho office, or
anything more than half a dozen keen staff who'll work 36 hours a day
for 25p and a cold pizza.

If 'New Media' the way we are looking at it, had enough potential to
make an 'industry' in the UK, VCs would spot it like the pirhanas they
are. If it was even remotely finacially viable we'd have them all over
us like a cheap suit.

Isn't this what they call market forces?

Sorry. I'm having a bad day.


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