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Subject: Re: UKNM: What if OSes were wines? (Was Wimps)
From: Jamie Unwin
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 14:56:06 GMT

Sajid, I probably replied and hit return too quickly ;-)

I wasn't saying that I didn't want investment in New Media/Web etc. I honestly do, I was just saying that unless their was a good incentive for someone to invest (ie. a tax break) I'm not supprised their isn't a queue of investors.

My comment about not wanting to invest my own money was taken slightly wrong (I also worded it badly!), I WOULD invest in my own company and I would invest in a solid project that was running and I could see had good potential. But that there are easier ways to invest and make money, although granted you are never going to make huge profits taking the easy option.

Basically to invest alot of money in a very risky project you want (a) A high return on your money and (b) some kind of incentive to make it worthwhile, ie. the fact you will have to give the money to the tax man if you don't, ok that a bit simplistic, but something along these lines.

But while there is no inventive can we really be suprised that people are investing in safer areas in the UK?


>Nice! You'd quite happily piss away someone else's money on a
>proposition that you have little faith in...remind me never to
>introduce you to any fund managers...
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  UKNM: What if OSes were wines? (Was Wimp, Sajid Mohammed

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