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Subject: Re: UKNM: Quixell - QVC on the Net?
From: Steve Bowbrick
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 14:31:57 GMT

The online auction model is clearly based on the assumption that a
significant proportion of punters will behave irrationally. A recent
Economist article pointed out that auctions make money on the basis that
most winning bids will be *higher* than the fair price. I almost bid on an
Epson USB printer but then checked its 'street price' on the web and found
that the last three Quixell bids were all higher - not just one idiot but
THREE! Worse, I still felt oddly compelled to bid on it!

To finish (and so you don't get the impression that I have an auction
problem... I could give it up any time...), I did indeed bid on a
breadmaker and my bid was the highest but it didn't meet Quixell's reserve
so the breadmaker was withdrawn! I was slightly upset to learn that Quixell
are not sharing the risk and that there may be no real bargains at all.
Depends where they set the reserve, I suppose...


At 11:28 AM 10/30/98 +0100, Peter wrote:
>Little to do with marketing, but funny.
>Quixell's diversification holds no bounds - they're becoming the Home
>Shopping Channel of the Net, which I guess might be informative about the
>UK Net audience. Check out these offers :
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