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Subject: UKNM: Quixell - QVC on the Net?
From: Peter Beech
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 11:06:08 GMT

Little to do with marketing, but funny.

Quixell's diversification holds no bounds - they're becoming the Home
Shopping Channel of the Net, which I guess might be informative about the
UK Net audience. Check out these offers :

24ct Men's Silk Finished Ring With Lions Seal

24ct Men's Crossover Horses Head Ring

24ct Men's Ring With Scenic Frieze Of Wild Cats

I wonder - Will Lee be wearing the 'Crossover Horses Head' knuckleduster?
or, wild man Stefan be seen sporting the 'Scenic Frieze'? ...

Steve has been frantically bidding for the 'breadmaker' but lost out at the
eleventh hour.

What are you people bidding for in the Quixell auction mania - please no
serious responses about PCs and peripherals, I get what auctions are about,
but there seems to be a wider phenomenon at work here - more akin to buying
crap that you don't want in the sales just because you can.

I saw last week that a printer was going for more than you can get it for
on the high street - is it bidding fever?

Thoughts on the psychology of auctions


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