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Subject: Re: UKNM: Quixell - QVC on the Net?
From: Sam Michel
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 12:00:46 GMT

At 11:28 30/10/98 +0100, Peter Beech wrote:
>Little to do with marketing, but funny.
>Quixell's diversification holds no bounds - they're becoming the Home
>Shopping Channel of the Net, which I guess might be informative about the
>UK Net audience. Check out these offers :

[fantastic QVC-style offer snipped...]

>I wonder - Will Lee be wearing the 'Crossover Horses Head' knuckleduster?
>or, wild man Stefan be seen sporting the 'Scenic Frieze'? ...
>Steve has been frantically bidding for the 'breadmaker' but lost out at the
>eleventh hour.

The only thing Quixell is missing is an old-fashioned wooden ruler to measure all this stuff with, QVC style, that would just about top everything off.

>What are you people bidding for in the Quixell auction mania - please no
>serious responses about PCs and peripherals, I get what auctions are about,
>but there seems to be a wider phenomenon at work here - more akin to buying
>crap that you don't want in the sales just because you can.
>I saw last week that a printer was going for more than you can get it for
>on the high street - is it bidding fever?

I've certainly felt the call, it can get pretty addictive, too. I suppose it's all part of the online shopping 'experience', maybe it's a case of an auction providing some of the interactivity which you miss by not going into a shop.

Toodle Pip

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