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Subject: UKNM: privacy policies
From: Kevin Rice
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 12:46:12 +0100

Hi all,

My question to the list involves the use of privacy policies. We are
currently devising a policy for a new ad-network focused on the UK market,
but every time we try to write a statement the message boils down to the
same thing:

"We track statistical information for the purpose of running our service,
but we don't provide personal or business specific details to any external
companies or organisations, for any reason, ever, unless prior consent is

This seems to sum it up, so why do other sites have such long-winded
policies and why is the privacy issue considered so difficult? If we state
the above and stick to it, surely there is no problem, or are we missing a
point somewhere? To qualify the issue our site will make 'general'
information available in a members area, but this general information will
not be directly linked to a source. For example:

average CTR's for 'top of page banners' across the network are XX
average CTR's for 'bottom of page banners' across the network are XX

Does this kind of thing require some special privacy provision?

Also, as a separate issue, does anybody have any strongly held opinions on
www.truste.com or other kitemarks?

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me off the list.

Many Thanks
Kevin Rice
kriceatadictive [dot] com

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