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Subject: UKNM: Response
From: William Wemyss
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 13:02:36 +0100

Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1999 12:44:15 +0100
From: James Downes <jamesatbdmedia [dot] co [dot] uk>
Subject: UKNM: Unsolicited Email


A client of mine has a list of email addresses (along with Names and
Real Addresses etc) that they have gathered from people contacting them
through their web site.

These were all collected from email response forms, but without an
opt-in clause.

Does anyone on the list know whether they can be used in any way, e.g.
to announce the relaunch of the site, to offer product trials etc.What
is the legal position, and what is the accepted practice for this.

The client only operates in the UK and will therefore ignore non UK

Any help greatly appreciated.


james downes


An interesting post as to what one can and can't do with these e-mail =
addresses. I work for an agency that specialises in permission/opt-in =
mail and some of our keys experiences are outlined below

1) Before you use any e-mail addresses you must make sure they are truly =
'opt in' names. Not only will it irritate receipients but more crucially =
it will damage your brand if any lasting association is made.

2) Whether they can use them for a site relaunch depends on 'what they =
have signed up for' . For example if they have signed up to hear abour a =
specific set of software products they are deemed to have opted in for =
that software but not to receive mail promoting any old sort of =
software. Obviously in this case there are other ways of going about it. =
If they have signed up for the company newsletter then you could notify =
them of a site relaunch or any interesting new products ( don't overdo =
it) within the same e-mail. After all viral marketing is ment to be one =
of the most powerful forms of marketing.

3) What is certain in this case is that the list owner cannot sell them =
on. Its sounds as if these people have signed up to hear from this =
individual web site. This does not mean that the receipients want to =
hear from other comapnies in the sector. ( One way of achieving this is =
to attach an unticked box saying that the receipient is willing to hear =
about other related product/products in the same area).

Must go and do some work.



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