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Subject: UKNM: CD NOW
From: Jeraint
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 10:47:19 +0100

My first order (2 years ago) took 5 weeks to get here and my second one
(couple of months ago) did not arrive and I went through about 10 mails
with customer services to have it replaced and sent to me. Not exactly
wonderful fulfilment! I found musicboulevard.com , bought some CDs from
them - cheaper, arrived on time and no probs at all and then the buggers
sold out to CD Now!!!

I think I'll just go off to Our Price......


> From: Lawrence Chiles[SMTP:lawrence [dot] chilesatpa [dot] press [dot] net]
> Sent: 27 October 1999 10:21
> To: 'uk-netmarketingatchinwag [dot] com'
> Subject: RE: UKNM: Jungle.con (and others)
> As a side issue, anyone else had any problems with CD Now?
> My brother bit the bullet and decided to buy something on the Net for the
> first time, only to find 360 UKP missing from his next Visa bill. Bank fraud
> ppl just wanted to know about Internet transactions. Seems his card had
> been used at 2 other web sites without him knowing.
> CD Now have sent him an automated message and a 5 USD voucher, whichwas
> nice.

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