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Subject: UKNM: re: uknm: i've lost my marbles
From: mario tilney-bassett
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 12:08:38 +0100

marbles the pr agency have done very well from 'the other marble's'
incompetence and continue to spin and handle with tact

there's already been a lot of press sympathising with the poor agency who
was 'there first'

i reckon it'll be interesting to see if marbles (the prs) end up with a few
web clients....

mario tilney-bassett
online events & marketing

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subject: re: uknm: i've lost my marbles

from: lee rickler <leeatdjindex [dot] com>

> and can anyone remember when so much hype was based around a url ... when
the url was actually not available. before changing it to getmarbles.co.uk
they advertised marbles.co.uk ... but thet never checked to see if it was
available. more bloody amatuers!!!
> lee

i love the message at the 'other' web site:

tim ireland
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designercity limited
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