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Subject: Re: UKNM: Fax to Email Service
From: Zing!n Mail Support
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2000 12:40:28 +0100

I use www.jfax.com



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From: Calladine, Dan <dcalladineatengage [dot] com>
To: <uknmatchinwag [dot] com>
Sent: Thursday, October 26, 2000 2:35 PM
Subject: UKNM: Fax to Email Service

> I'm looking for a service provider who can set up a fax number for clients
> to use that will then deliver the contents of a fax into my email inbox.
> Just like http://www.faxme.co.uk in fact, except that they are over
> subscribed and aren't accepting new applications.
> Or http://www.jfax.com except that I want a UK based number.
> I don't mind paying a reasonable amount for the service.
> Can anyone help?
> Many thanks,
> Dan

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  UKNM: Fax to Email Service, Calladine, Dan

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