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Subject: UKNM: Re: UKNM Sports Day
From: Lois Grayson
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2000 12:40:30 +0100

Great idea!

Could you stick kickboxing tournament on the list? Then after the event I'll
be free to prattle on even more and no-one will dare give me any flack
....unless of course they live a very long way away....

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From: nick berry <nick [dot] berryatadvertwizard [dot] com>
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Sent: Thursday, October 26, 2000 2:51 PM
Subject: UKNM: re. dotcom team building

> All the suggestions below are great. We have a suggestion to make for all
> those people now working on dotcoms/small new media agencies who are
> all the sports day activities and jollies that their old blue chip
> corporations used to put on every summer to just to give you something to
> do. How about arranging a chinwag sports day ??? We, the slightly
> and much-in-need of exercise Advertwizard gang, would be happpy to arrange
> day of fun and games next summer if there is the demand.

[Sam says: msg chopped]

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  UKNM: re. dotcom team building, nick berry

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