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Subject: Re: UKNM: Mis-redemption
From: Chris Heathcote
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 11:18:55 GMT

on 26/10/00 5:57 pm, aajgrayattalk21 [dot] com at aajgrayattalk21 [dot] com wrote:

> I'm grappling with a security issue involving online coupons being
> at a checkout and ensuring that the coupon is redeemed against the correct
> product (i.e. avoiding mis-redemption).

Mis-redemption is exactly the same as for normal printed coupons: i.e.. you
have to trust your retailers. The bigger problem is differentiating between
first-time users and repeat users of the coupons. The simplest way is to put
a unique ID on each coupon to be printed out. This doesn't stop people
redeeming re-prints, but allows you to track how many real different
customers used the coupons. You'd also want unique IDs on there so you can
corellate online demog info to redemption info.

> Someone mentioned that Microsoft is developing software to overcome this.
> Anyone have any details?

Throwing more technology at a problem like this is never normally the

> I also recall some coverage recently on a tool that allows magazine
> to scan? a magazine ad and receive a personalised incentive. Again, if
> anyone can point me in the right direction on this, I'll shout you a
> Steinlager.

There are two big ones, Digimarc and Digital Convergence Cue-Cat. Both
Merkin, both doomed (imho). They seem to base their business model on the
fact that the thing stopping people looking at webpages is that urls are
hard to type in. So instead, you'll have to get new technology working on
your computer, install their software, and start waving your magazines in
front of your computer.

every day, computers are making people easier to use

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  UKNM: Mis-redemption, aajgray

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