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Subject: Re: RE: UKNM: online gaming stats?
From: Manou Marzban
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 11:30:28 GMT

As in the past three years on UKNM - I only get excited when the subject of
games crop up or when we are slagging someone off for even thinking of email
mailing lists. Here is my 2 (possibly 3) cents worth on games: Most
gamers - of serious mind - play MUD-based role playing games. These have
been around for years, and although non-graphic, some MUDs have more than
10,000 members. Thanks to DSL/broadband solutions in the US, advanced
graphics capabilities and software that allows for fully rendered 3-D
animation, many MUDs are taking on graphic interfaces and avatar-based
environments to compliment the complexity of their virtual worlds. At the
same time, we have seen an explosion of online games dedicated to pure
mayhem, first with 3-D 'corridor-based' shooters like Doom and Quake - and
now with 3-D shooters like Ultima. In fact, Ultima is a good example;
Ultima Online charges $9.95 subscription fee for its Ultima Online:
Renaissance RPG game - the beta site was launche!
d in 1996 as a MUD and the full on 3-D rendered version was recently
launched. The site now has 134,000, translating to ffes in excess of $1.3
million per month (www.iw.com - April 2000). Besides paying to play -
peripherals also sell well (Novels, Cheat Books etc) - and commercial
revenue is realised through software sales.

More stats; Jun 01 2000: New research from Forrester indicates that more
than 50 percent of US households will have Internet access by 2001 and more
than 1 in 3 will have purchased goods or services online. Forrester predicts
that growth in the future will be driven by increasing numbers accessing the
Internet from outside the home and then a growth in those using interactive
televisions or games consoles to go online. Of total online population, 30%
were gamers in 1999, in 2003 - that number will be 41% (Jupiter
Communications - Seminar - Research on game Consumers - E3, May 2000).
Adults 19-50 represent the largest percentage of gamers because of casual
games and casino games (Jupiter Communications - Seminar - Research on game
Consumers - E3, May 2000). Currently adults play an average of 3 hours and
17 minutes of games each week (Yankee Group Survey - May 2000). More can be
found on various sites; cmpgame.com is always worth a look.

Finally...console systems...and Internet access and millions of kids...yes,
for the rights organisations, the future looks very very good. Just
consider: Video games (consoles) business will be $12 billion in US and
Europe by 2003 vs $5.2 billion for PCs (Datamonitor - May 2000) - showing a
shift toward consoles as potential primary access point to the Internet from
home. Number of online gamers from consoles is set to surpass PC online
gamers by 2002, by 2004 there will be 45 million console online gamers vs 28
million PC online gamers for a total of 83 million online gamers
(Datamonitor -May 2000). 47% purchasing a new console are doing so to use
it to go online, 45% added they wanted access to email from consoles and 42%
want to play networked games over the Internet (Yankee Group Survey - May

So you see, it looks good. Commerce you ask? 62% of video game owning
households also have a home computer - allowing cross selling of software
and hardware to end-users via ecommerce (Yankee Group Survey - May 2000). On
average - video game owning households (including PCs and consoles) spend
more than $200 per year on video games (Yankee Group Survey - May 2000).
BUT, like all good things - if you aint original and have USPs - pack it in
and watch the big boys play. Need any more - contact me directly.


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