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Subject: RE: RE: UKNM: online gaming stats?
From: Richard Bailey
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 17:24:47 GMT

You must have missed it. Microsoft stepped in with Turbine and released
Asheron's Call. Full 3D 500 square miles of MMPG (Massive multi player
game). There are 8000 players+ each day, most play more than 40 hours a
month. With Microsoft redefining the aspect of on line gaming with dynamic
community quests entire superpowers to fight and huge storylines to follow
in each town. I have played the game for three months and travelled a
fraction of the towns in search of new quests to join and people to hunt
with. The rumour is that this is a flagship game for a later version which
will have more than 15 000 players, a test bed. They only have 7 servers
and never bother advertising the game. It really is a whole world in 3D.
This game will most likely be one of the x-box's flagship games.

The x-box will have a massive advantage over any other games console, a hard
disk, the ability load updates for games new monster levels ect... This
will level the PC and console users out. Online game suffer from cheats and
bots (people who think it is cool to pretend to play and let a computer do
the work, I don't get it either they like to get in the top 1 000 on
www.theCLQ.com , which I can do anyway with out a bot) this means you need
to update the software every 3 months or so. Which you can not do on the
ROM based consoles around a the moment.

Small point Ultima Online ,all current versions, are 2D it uses the old game
ultima Underworld's 2D scrolling graphics engine. Ultima Online 2 (at least
a year away) will be 3D using the Ultima 8 engine.

Richard Bailey
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As in the past three years on UKNM - I only get excited when the subject of
games crop up or when we are slagging someone off for even thinking of email
mailing lists. Here is my 2 (possibly 3) cents worth on games: Most
gamers - of serious mind - play MUD-based role playing games. These have
been around for years, and although non-graphic, some MUDs have more than
10,000 members. Thanks to DSL/broadband solutions in the US, advanced
graphics capabilities and software that allows for fully rendered 3-D
animation, many MUDs are taking on graphic interfaces and avatar-based
environments to compliment the complexity of their virtual worlds. At the
same time, we have seen an explosion of online games dedicated to pure
mayhem, first with 3-D 'corridor-based' shooters like Doom and Quake - and
now with 3-D shooters like Ultima. In fact, Ultima is a good example;
Ultima Online charges $9.95 subscription fee for its Ultima Online:
Renaissance RPG game - the beta site was launche!
d in 1996 as a MUD and the full on 3-D rendered version was recently
launched. The site now has 134,000, translating to ffes in excess of $1.3
million per month (www.iw.com - April 2000). Besides paying to play -
peripherals also sell well (Novels, Cheat Books etc) - and commercial
revenue is realised through software sales.

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