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Subject: Re: UKNM: What if it's all shite? (was .TV)
From: Sam Carrington
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 16:30:37 GMT

There are a number of holes in your statemnent, Richard, outlined below.
If you are making assertions such as these, it always helps to have
sources to substantiate what you claim :)

Richard Bailey wrote:
> DNS was an advance in networks that Microsoft helped implement and sun
> Microsystems helped developed for the Unix environment.

I strongly doubt the accuracy of this statement (especally given the
inaccuracy prevalent in the rest of your mail) - have you any
corroboration? Apart from anything I think Dr. Paul Mockapetris might
have an issue with the above claim... mail him at pvmatsoftware [dot] com


Numbers mean
> nothing to our memory and mnemonics with names are easy to understand

Well that bit is right of course, to an extent; I seem to be able to
remember a pretty large quantity of telephone numbers, and I wouldnt say
they mean nothing to me - mnemonics are easier to get though...

> structure of a network and where you are in the files and computers. IP
> addresses are resolved from the "name" e.g.. www.godado.co.uk
> (free plug).

> DNS stands for Directory Name Server.

No it doesnt : http://webopedia.internet.com/TERM/D/DNS.html

[ Short for Domain Name System (or Service) ]

You would still need
> the DNS to resolve telephone numbers in to IP headers so as you packets of
> data can find your computer on the return journey and transmission
> for your packets can find the way back so as the next one can be sent.

Whatever you say ... IP headers; I think you mean IP addresses. Internet
packets are not sent in serial, one after the other, but are sent and
recieved as fast as machines can do so, and are often recieved out of
sequence, then get recombined in order to form meaningful data. A
reciept is sent to confirm that a repeat send is not required, AFAIK.

> The only reason we use www. was to separate the "World Wide Web" from the
> massive intranets already passing data across the network.

Its just an informal naming convention. It helps to have servers
identified by meaningful names : mail.server.com, ftp.server.com,

The .com comes
> from the file extension of a command program which is the way DOS (dead OS
> windows can emulate if needed) and Unix used to show a program and just
> became directory names as if the pages inside were a program.

What utter rubbish - its got nothing to do with *.com file types at all
- its a mnemonic to denote "Commercial", just as ac.uk is "Academic, UK"
and .org is "organisation".

Unix does not need suffixes to denote executable files - only Windows is
stupid enough to require this.

What a great line is misinformation you have though Richard ;-) It is
all the better to amuse me with.
sam carrington // senior web developer // sensei.co.uk

The opinions expressed in this mail are those of the sender and in
no way reflect the opinions, policy or practices of sense internet.

[Sam (Michel) says: allright, this is defnitely the last DNS one for a

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