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Subject: RE: UKNM: What if it's all shite? (was .TV)
From: Richard Bailey
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 11:30:33 GMT

DNS a quick snap shot. (try to stay awake there is a point there)

DNS was an advance in networks that Microsoft helped implement and sun
Microsystems helped developed for the Unix environment. Numbers mean
nothing to our memory and mnemonics with names are easy to understand the
structure of a network and where you are in the files and computers. IP
addresses are resolved from the "name" e.g.. www.godado.co.uk
(free plug). DNS stands for Directory Name Server. You would still need
the DNS to resolve telephone numbers in to IP headers so as you packets of
data can find your computer on the return journey and transmission receipts
for your packets can find the way back so as the next one can be sent.

The only reason we use www. was to separate the "World Wide Web" from the
massive intranets already passing data across the network. The .com comes
from the file extension of a command program which is the way DOS (dead OS
windows can emulate if needed) and Unix used to show a program and just
became directory names as if the pages inside were a program. There is no
real reason for them being called .com . We could just be http://godadoUK
and all the DNS servers in the world could resolve our IP address from that,
anything else is just using an old system to make money.

Reminds me of the deregulation of number plates in the US. A free for all
every time a new stat deregulated.

Richard Bailey
www.Godado.co.uk <http://www.Godado.co.uk>
RBaileyatgodado [dot] com <RBaileyatgodado [dot] com (mailto:RBaileyatgodado [dot] com)>
020 7236 7722

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