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Subject: UKNM: CPM resources / does pr impact search engine positioning? / crm
From: Ian Tester
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 11:30:36 GMT


Anyone know of a place where i can get a big list of CPMs across major
publishing sites (UK, US, FR)? I don't want to ring 200 sites for a quick
bit of benchmarking!

I had a funny thought the other day. . . i was wondering whether anyone else
agrees. . . given that search engines like google are increasingly using
link popularity to rank sites, it struck me suddenly that every time an
online publication writes about you, and even better hotlinks you, you are
effectively pushing your way up rankings. . .perhaps PR agencies could move
to a pay-per-performance model, based on the number of hotlinked mentions
;-0 perhaps this is the beginning of having truly measurable web PR - cool!

I've spent a large part of the last few weeks benchmarking registration &
crm on top sites within a couple of major categories (portals, high traffic,
womens', mens', teens, travel), and although I can't give you in-depth
results, cos I would have my various parts of my anatomy and my employment
prospects damaged, i think i can get away with giving you the top-line
results. all the sites surveyed are leaders in their category by traffic,
across the UK & US markets. Here goes - some of it makes really interesting
reading. . .and yes, the methodology is robust - i used to work for fletcher
research! ;-0

i would say enjoy, but this is worthy, not exciting.

* Only 5% of sites have compulsory registration
* 64% demand registration for full features
* 14% of sites will not work with cookies disabled
* All sites surveyed use cookies
* 46% offer some form of personalisation
* 74% of sites have a prominent privacy policy
* 36% of sites explicitly say that they will sell personal data to
third parties
* 58% explicitly say that they will use the data to push offers from
3rd parties (but not allow them access to PII)
* 19% of sites have opt-in policies
* 58% have opt-out
* 22% have no clear form of either, and consumers have no way of
knowing what will happen to their data

Paths to registration
* 43% use a transaction to force registration
* 68% use newsletters
* 61% use extra functionality
* 49% use competitions

Data Collected (when collected)
* 93% of sites collect email addresses
* 78% collect age
* 59% collect gender
* 51% collect a mailing address
* 73% collect a post or zip code
* 43% collect light demographics (3 points or less)
* 8% collect between 4 and 9 demographic datapoints
* 14% collect 10 or more datapoints (some of these sites make this

Use of Data
* Only 3% of sites use SMS in any way
* 78% offer email newsletters
* 14% use some form of own-branded loyalty points
* NONE of the sites surveyed used 3rd party loyalty schemes such as
* 15% incentivise registration with a special offer or gift
* 39% incentivise with "special offers" from 3rd parties (discounts
* 16% incentivise with extra content
* 64% incentivise with extra functionality (webmail,calendars etc)
19% make Personal data open to other users in some format as an incentive



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