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Subject: Re: RE: UKNM: Do you Yahoo!*~?
From: aajgray
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 17:24:48 GMT

Coolsavings.com have their own card which does quite well as it can be
linked into rewards which make up the main content of the site. 9 million
users to flog it to also.

Can anyone tell me (off-list) where a Kiwi who last lived in Aussie and has
been here for only 6 months can get a credit card. I've got one from each
country but they're a bitch to pay off. Currenly I'm blocked by the no UK
credit history (no kidding) caper.


Andy Gray

> Why have Nike not done it? Is the designer credit card on the way? I
>get one with AIR on it so as I can run faster, pull more girls and be
>Richard killed this demon with a sip of coffee and went back to work.
>www.Godado.co.uk <<a Target='_new'
>RBaileyatgodado [dot] com <RBaileyatgodado [dot] com (mailto:RBaileyatgodado [dot] com)>
>020 7236 7722
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>Subject: UKNM: Do you Yahoo!*~?
>Yahoo has launched a credit card. Yeah, I'm sure this is old news, but I
>have just had a mailer application via my letter box (you know, that little
>slit in your front door that we used to use before email?)
>Shame it wasn't a promo email with web appn. And yes, I am quite happy to
>receive moderate volumes / low frequency promo emails from nice people like
>Yahoo, Amazon and one or two others. Saves time and trees.
>But what do people think about this brand extension?
>Ray Taylor

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